Ina-n-Lovely’s Golden Corn

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Golden Corn Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name Instructors Name Date Why I invented and credited for the Golden corn There is increasing concern about the growth of technology developed foods. Particularly is its effects on the health and the resulting long terms effects. However, through scientific tests, many of these foods are found to be healthy. I, therefore, wanted a crop food product that was able to provide a variety of nutrients in one product. I invented and developed the golden corn as the solution to this as its nutrients from the various products of the corn proved to be a control for several diseases. Taking credit for this invention has attracted some degree of doubt from various quarters across the globe. I have therefore detailed the various steps I used to achieve this together with the products from the golden corn that are very nutritious and are being produced to date. The preparation for golden corn requires a careful study of the corn maturing time and healthy growth of the corn plant. The preparation entails the use crude corn flour mixed with puffed and ripened corn flour to make the golden corn flour. The three flours are mixed with different ratio compositions where crude corn granularity is 150 meshes same us the other two flours. The three flour mixes are initially pretreated just like the normal corn. Just like others corns they undergo corn peeling and degerming for disinfection ("Formula and method for preparing golden corn flour," 2016). The corn undergoes milling to come up with the corn flour. The corn flour is then passed through the adjusted grinder machine to get the Coarse Cornmeal. To get the puffed corn flour,

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