In what ways can ¡Bienvenido Míster Marshall! be seen as a criticism of Franco’s regime?

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IBENVEIDO MISTER MARSHALL AS CRITICISM OF FRANCO’S REGIEME Student’s Name Course Professor University City Date iBienvenido Mister Marshall as Criticism of Franco’s Regime Introduction Francisco Franco established one of the longest dictatorial regimes in Western Europe. At the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, Franco ruled over Spain in a severe form of dictatorship (Treglown 2014, p. 65). His dictatorial type of governance lasted for 36 years. Over this period, Franco's administration limited press freedom. The state used restrictive regulations to promote fascist ideologies of the leadership. Film censorship was one way that government limited freedom within the film industry. In July 1937, film censorship offices were established in Salamanca and Seville. The law required that movie scripts be submitted for scrutiny before being aired in Spanish media (Triana-Toribio 2012, p. 100). Film censorship targeted three major aspects in the Spanish society; sex, politics, and religion as discussed by Treglown (2014, p. 34). Limitations under these aspects crippled competitiveness of Spain's film industry. Film consumers turned to foreign movies. Franco’ post-war dictatorship came to an end in 1975, following his death. However, Francoism ideologies and perceptions held root in Spain. Bienvenido, Senor Marshall! of 1955 is one of the movies that sought to break off from Francoism with the film industry (Llorens 2010, p.887). This analysis looks into the ways which the film Bienvenido, Senor Marshall! Served as criticism of Francisco Franco's rule in the country. This study considers features of the script, the context of its making and the opposition

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