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Education: Name of student: Name of institution: 1. Processes for dual-language programs Definition 1 Dual language development programs are useful curriculums that create literacy practices that helps second learners develop and maintain language literacy. The programs instill cultural knowledge and skills of contemporary trends that are necessary to gain creativity, fluency, and understand the complexity of the language (Diaz-Rico, 2004). Learners eventually develop writing and reading skills, ultimately improving their listening and speaking skills. To excel, majority non-language speakers begin with non-English academics and programs, whereas others use their primary language to build on their oral language skills (Howard et al., 2007). Definition 2 Dual language education is an academic program taught in two languages. The program has existed in the United States since the 1970s (The Glossary of Education Reform, 2013). There exists English native speakers and non-English speakers, also called the English Language Learners (ELLs) or language-minority students. Dual language programs provide non-native speakers the opportunity to learn and be proficient in English. This guarantees equal opportunities in completing their education. The programs are designed efficiently to develop English content knowledge, fluency, and cultural proficiencies necessary to succeed in the subject (The Glossary of Education Reform, 2013). Definition 3 Dual language represents programs that provide content instructions and literacy instructions to students using two languages that promote bi-literacy, bilingualism, and multi-cultural competence. A higher population either

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