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Name Instructor Course Date Reflective Reaction Paper Summary While most people seek to be rational, prejudice and discrimination cannot be avoided as human beings hold prejudgments and victimize others based on these biases. Prejudices are preconceived opinions about other people grounded on their social groups (Gorski 53). People often feel deeply insulted and hurt when informed that they have or show prejudice. It is critical to note that biases can either be positive or negative. Regardless of their grouping, they are always irrational as they are imposed on people based on notions regarding their background characteristics. Prejudice is a learning process whereby people acquire particular ideas on how to sort others into different categories such as poor/rich. As a process, bias is essential for learning. However, the society has socialized people to see and value these groups differently. In critical social studies, the term discrimination implies actions towards others grounded on prejudices. Precisely, discrimination takes place when people act on their biases, and it encompasses exclusion, ridicule, ignoring, threats, slander, violence, and avoiding (Gorski 55). All people discriminate just like they possess prejudices learned from the process of socialization. Prejudice and discrimination are unavoidable. However, they can avoid discriminating against others only if they involve conscious efforts in their views. They can work to recognize their prejudices besides acquiring new information and ways of discerning, which will information more rational actions. Challenging the social segregation by gaining more information about people from

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