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Social and Environmental Foundation Student’s name Institutional affiliation Social and Environmental Foundation Chapter 5 of Gorski The chapter five of the book mainly tackles the stereotypes concerning the people experiencing poverty. The author provides several stereotypes especially the stereotypes that involved women and the poor in the society in the society. For instance, the author quotes Fredrick who says that women are bad drivers. The author of the book argues that stereotyping has to be a natural and human response in the face of limited context-specific knowledge. Additionally, a woman stereotype about men is considered to be aggregation in most cases although she uses them to protect herself from sexual assault. A lot of stereotypes are framed to target the poor in the society, and there are so many stereotypes that object the poor and the society believe that the poor are inattentive and inefficient. Many poor parents avoid the parent-teacher meetings due to these stereotypes (Gorski, 2017). Through judgment, the stereotypes are reinforced, and many people may believe that they are true. The author has discussed in detail several stereotypes that are common in the society in chapter five. The stereotypes involve the low-income families and education, which are mostly inaccurate. They include the following The Poor Do Not Value Education at all. It’s one of the most common stereotype that is coined around the failure of many poor parents to attend the parent-teacher conferences in schools. The inability to attend the meeting makes large group people believe that poor people do not value education because of the low turnout of parents in

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