In the book Victims of Progress (John Bodley) describe the emergence of the Inuit-governed Canadian territory of Nunavat.

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Emergence of Nunavut John Bodley, in his book, Victims of Progress, presents a seemingly gloomy picture of small-scale indigenous communities across the world. Through his description, the indigenous societies have been put forward forth as mostly passive victims incapable of their defense, except for a few armed resistance instances spread across time. Although many observers may have ‘predicted' the extinction of these groups of peoples, recent technological advancements in information and communication technology has eased their political mobilization and organization, and their self-defense scale is inevitably higher, capturing the "attention of governments and international organizations" in their pursuit of social justice and human rights (Bodley 185). Self-determination politically allows these people to fully control their societies, cultures, territories and natural resources in them, i.e. they become wholly cultural, economic, and political entities. The creation of the Inuit-governed Nunavut territory in Canada in 1999 is one such unique territorial identity that arose from perhaps one of the most comprehensive agreements in recent history. Under hard bargaining by the indigenous people following a 1993 Inuit land claims comprehensive settlement plan, a majority of the demands made by the people were met. This paper discusses the emergence of this territory, clearly defining what it is and how it came to existence, articulating the challenges it faced the struggle and how it managed to overcome them. It describes the reflection of this fight for recognition to the vision Bodley holds concerning indigenous societies and

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