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Should ESL Students be Subjected to Standardized Test IntroductionToday, the process of learning has been made easier by technology. In class today, it is possible to study almost everything, regardless of your background or any other aspect. In learning languages, there are a few groups of students. One very prevalent group of students is the English Second Language (ESL) students. These are students whose primary language is any other than English, and they would require some additional help to develop their skills in reading and writing English. More often than not, ESL students find themselves in tricky situations as they have to take standardized tests, regardless of their in-capabilities. This essay attempts to answer the question if ESL students should also take standardized tests or not. ESL students should not be subjected to standardized tests since it undermines their performance (Kim et al. 2015). Synthesize Assessments Assessment is the process by which a student's progress and performance are monitored to help the teachers, parents, and caregivers know about a student's strength. Assessment test used should match the reason for the assessment. Formal assessment measures the general achievement of a student compared to other students in there level or grade. Therefore, the standardized tests aim at comparing the ESL students to others. ESL students are often treated unjustly when they are subjected to standardized tests. As a tutor one can decide to use the non-integrative testing approach whereby the test focuses on one unit in a language, this ensures that by the end of the class the student has the basics of that particular unit. This kind of tests

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