In reference to the green agenda, as we watch the development in SouthChina sea, I do not think the US will risk war with China to enforce international law. Couple with allies in the region, change o

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China Defying International Law Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Chinese Defiance of International Law China’s recent defiance of the UN tribunal ruling on the case on the South China Sea has ignited risks of possible China and US flare-ups. The possible US flare-up with China can be largely because of territorial disputes as opposed to the green agenda. However, the green agenda might be an added cause if China is engaging in environmental destruction of the regions allies of the US such as Philippines have made a claim. Tiezzi (2016) reported, “China had caused irreparable harm to the ecological environment in the South China Sea,” when it engaged in a “large-scale land reclamation and construction of artificial island.” China is a regional power in Asia, while the US is the only global power in the present world. China’s rise and defiance of international law is a major threat to the global hegemony of the United States. This could lead to lots of military posturing and propagandas, much like the ones that were experienced during the cold war era. However, an all-out at between the two powers is generally unthinkable and essentially unwinnable. China and the US might be involved in many proxy wars, but cannot risk an engagement in a direct confrontation with one another, much like the case of the USSR and the US. The ruling was a test of China’s readiness to bear the international law, and the ruling was a fresh opportunity for the United States leads other countries in resolving disputes in the South China Sea. However, The US has been alert on the danger of China who has perceived of the ruling as a mortifying slap on the cheek and

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