In healthcare workers, what is the effectiveness of alcohol based hand sanitizers in hand hygiene compared to soap and water hand hygiene?

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZZ November 11, 2016 Abstract: None Requested The Effectiveness of Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers in Hand Hygiene Annotated Bibliography Bloomfield, SF, Aiello, AE, Cookson, B, O'Boyle, C, Larson EL, (2007) The effectiveness of Hand hygiene procedures in reducing the risks of infections in home and community settings, including handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. American Journal of Infection Control Volume 35, Issue 10, and S27-S64 Retrieved from Bacterium circulates everywhere humans are. This bacterium is the main cause of ID (infectious disease. This makes the effectiveness of hand hygiene a crucial element in the expansion of ID. This article by Bloomfield et al, (2007) takes environmental, demographic, and healthcare trends into consideration that an Id posts a credible threat in upcoming years. They call two criteria, demographic changes of communities and the variety of pathogens that happen to mutate into ID. The authors claim that hand hygiene is the chief offender in the spread of ID. The study evaluates alcohol-based sanitization over hand washing. The article used both quantitative and qualitative risks. Their conclusions are the regular hand hygiene is critical to ID prevention. Removing bacterium from the hands is essential to reducing and prevention of ID and either method can work as long for the use of either method when properly accomplished. This properly accomplished hand hygiene is the first level of defense in the prevention of ID. It is also critical to disinfect surfaces in all areas have the potential for contamination and where people work and live

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