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UNIV 1212: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Fall 2016-2017 Section XXX Name: ID: Major: Assignment 4: Compare and Contrast Two-Argument Essays Introduction The smoking ban is a strategy designed to prohibit smoking of cigarette and other tobacco products in public places, for instance, malls, learning places, recreational places, and amongst others. This analysis breaks down the arguments on either side of the issue, and later provides a succinct summary of the topic by looking into both the comparisons and contrasts of the two essays. Arguments against Banning Smoking Smoking areas are set aside in public places for smokers to enjoy their moments, and nonsmokers should contend with the wider nonsmoking world they have. Moreover, when nonsmokers enter designated smoking zone, they only have themselves to blame. Smoking releases stress, especially to employees pursuing tight deadlines and other issues. A smoker who is banned from smoking can be less productive. The widespread opinion that smoking relegates an individual to unprofessional image is a false. It should remain a wild suggestion. Smokers have rights much like every other human being on the planet, and their opinions should not just be pushed away with a wave of the hand. When smokers are following the laws of the land and the policies of their respective employers, they should not be hunted down. Actually, banning of smoking can be counterproductive, as it may encourage more smoking in private places such as at homes. A ban on smoking might actually kill certain business, such as bars and pubs because most smokers would shun these outlets. Finally, a ban on smoking might be

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