Importance on Vacinations (Flu shot)

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The importance of Vaccinations (flu shot) Influenza (flu) is a serious disease that may keep someone bedridden or even hospitalized for a couple of weeks. It can even lead to death in certain circumstances. It is normally characterized by fever, headache, coughs, runny nose and sore throat but may affect people differently. The Flu shot vaccine is a good method to minimize the chances of a person getting the disease and spreads it to others. Getting the flu shot vaccine may spare you the misery of such illness because it is capable of ruining your work life as well as your social life. Receiving the vaccination protects yourself as well as the people around you. It may also make your illness milder in the event you get sick ("Flu Season: Importance of Getting a Flu Shot" n.p). The flu shot vaccine causes the growth of antibodies in the body nearly after two weeks of vaccination. The antibodies protect the body from attack by the flu viruses that exist in the vaccine. The virus normally adapts and changes every year hence it is difficult to avoid. The vaccine keeps up with the rapid changes witnessed with the virus. Although the flu shot is not 100% effective in the prevention of the flu, it is still the most fruitful way of defense against this virus as well as its related complications. There are groups of people that are at greater risk of developing dangerous flu-related complications as a result of contacting the flu. Vaccinating such groups of people protects them from developing such complications. For instance, pregnant women, kids between six months old and five years old as well as individuals with chronic conditions are at

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