Importance of teacher family relationship

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Importance of meaningful relationships between the teachers and families Student name Institution Date   Importance of meaningful relationships between the teachers and families Parents, schools and the community need to work together to promote healthy learning conditions for the children. When schools engage the parents, they will be in a position to respond more effectively to all health-related needs of the students. Teachers having a good relationship with the parents all help the children in developing healthy behaviors, thus promoting the healthy families for the future. Both the parents and the teachers have an essential role when it comes to the education of the children, all these roles are not replaced, but they are reinforced with other roles to make the students successful after schooling. When teachers and parents have a good relationship, it provides the mutual efforts towards achieving the set goals for the children (Kim, & Bryan, 2017). Thus it also implies that parents and the teachers need to support the children by existing mutually together. In the case of providing the quality education to the children, parents need to have a good relationship with the teachers to attend the student performance meetings and other class activities. When the children went to school when they are well groomed and done their assignment well, the teacher presumes that the parent took part in ensuring that all this was achieved well (Kim, & Bryan, 2017). Therefore, this will tell the teacher that the parents or caregivers are playing a role in

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