Importance of Music

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Author’s Name Professor Course Due Date Importance of Music Music is one of the significant parts of educational experience among many individuals. Indeed, it becomes painful to witness how schools or learning institutions are today losing their musical programs and related topics on music. Learning institutions have reduced music classes and eliminated the basic requirements of music topics a fact that has affected the subject adversely. Most learning institutions lack general music classes and tuition especially for learners above grade 8. It must be accepted that playing and listening to musical tunes aid towards relieving stress among individuals. One, therefore, tends to experience a relaxed environment when listening to music tunes. This essay therefore tends to give comprehensive arguments on the importance of music in an individual’s life. There are various arguments on the importance of music and art programs and how they are significant in life. It should be noted that the programs related to music and art are fun and important to the educational experience. First, music is one of the entertainment tools. The presentation of music gives ample enjoyment to audiences. However, music can also be employed to soothe someone, mourn, celebrate success, heal, as well as honor. Interestingly enough, music is treated as a universal language that brings joy and fun to the audiences. Its main purpose is to relieve the souls of the audiences from any stress. Secondly, music is capable to bring people together and motivates them emotionally. The power of music as felt in the heart of the audiences can bring together people from diverse backgrounds and uplift

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