Importance of education

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Education is very important as it helps the society to think on rational lines. Education supports knowledge that produces the sustainable advantage to an individual or company. It is considered by many as one of the essential necessities of personal life. Without education, the world would be very backward and underdeveloped. Therefore, education enables one to improve himself and become a better person in the society. However, there are several influences on education. This essay describes some factors that influence student learning. Technology and Learning Evidently, the policymakers have been keen in making sure that technology is well integrated into student learning. The American learning system is much integrated with technology that is used in making learning much better. The use of technology in learning makes sure that students can interconnect, unravel problems, think analytically, conduct a reliable research and make better choices. Technology in education helps students to make reasonable choices linked with their outside in the most convenient manner (Harry & Klinger 53). Likewise, for a teacher to ensure that the right measures of technology are well employed in learning, the teacher must be well acquainted with technology-led tutoring. The education technology that is advocated for learning is schools leads to better-informed decision making and context in the real world. However, there are challenges linked to the incorporation of technology in learning. First, there are students who have a lesser access to computers that they can make use of them in advancing their technology or even learning more about the latest technology. Therefore, it is the

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