Importance of Data Evaluation and Interpretation to Improve Patient 

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Importance of Data Evaluation and Interpretation to Improve Patient. Proper interpretation and subsequent evaluation of data are paramount to enhancing quality and safety in health organizations. For the nurses, it is even more important as they act as they act as a reliable link between patients and any other medical practitioners. The purpose of this paper is to examine the importance of medical data analysis in safeguarding patients in health institutions. ANALYSIS AND POSSIBLE EXPIATION TO THE DATA The distribution of the data reveals some predictable characteristics in respect of time of day, a day of the week and possible unique features of a day of the week. Telemetry units are sensitive and require optimal attentiveness by the nurse. Slight elements of negligence would increase the number of falls given that patients in this section require close monitoring. Despite the sensitivity of the telemetry section, nurses may fail to provide optimum considerations to the patients. Such actions also serve as a possible hypothesis to explain deviations in the distribution of falls by day and time. It is apparent that most of the falls take place between 3 am and 7 am at 14 and 15 falls respectively throughout the four-month period. The number of falls drops significant between 11 am and 7 pm, resulting in only two recordings. The results may suggest a relationship between the level of activeness of the nurses in respect of the time of day. It appears as though they are more vigorous during the middle of the day and seemingly fragile at dawn and dusk. It is not possible to assume that it is the patients who demonstrate variations in their health depending on the time of

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