Importance of Character Over Wealth

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The challenges facing women in society was a typical basis for debates from as far as the neoclassical era. Hedda Gabler (1891) by Henrik Ibsen is a play that demonstrates the issues faced by high-class women brought up in wealthy families. Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston is a literal masterpiece that illustrates the life of an underprivileged Black woman from the early 1900s. The first woman (Hedda) is the daughter of a prominent General while the other woman (Delia) is depicted as a wash-woman living with her abusive husband. Strangely enough, both women suffer from gender-based oppression and Delia gets lucky when her husband dies. Hedda commits suicide with the hopes of freedom and fear of subjugation. The analysis will focus on the personality, working status, type of marriage, and psychological condition to compare and contrast these two women. The stories of these two women illustrate that a strong personality, with respect to emotional and intellectual maturity, is worth more than material possession or social ranks. Analysis of Hedda Gabler According to the play by Henrik Ibsen, the main character (Hedda) is manipulative and secretive when it comes to issues bothering her. The first encounter with this side of her personality occurs in Act one when the young and naïve Mrs. Evsted ends up making some deep confessions to her despite the fact that they were not friends before. The former describes Hedda as a cold-hearted individual back in school but she still confides in her (Ibsen 865). Interestingly enough, Hedda cannot remember the exact name of the lady and is forced to utter some name ‘Thora’ instead of ‘Thea’ with hopes of getting corrected,

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