Implicit Association Test (IAT)

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Write a reaction paper about your findings. Which Implicit Association Tests (IAT) did you take? What were the results? What is your reaction to the results? Do you think these tests help break down barriers to intercultural communication? Why or why not? The first Implicit Association Test (IAT) that I took was the Race IAT. It delved into the racial relations between African-Americans and European-Americans. My results, surprisingly, depicted that I have a slight preference for the latter. I do not concur with these results due to my sentiments on justice and equality. Believing that both parties should be treated equally contradicts the results that infer my preference for white folk over people of color. Regarding the Race IAT, there is an affirmative response regarding intercultural communication. I am certain that this test improves cross-cultural communication; assisting individuals of different ethnicities to interact with one another. The questions presented in this test assist individuals to understand the relationship between black and white folk from different perspectives. They have addressed the marriage institution, social relationship, and economic statuses, among others. Though subtly, the Race IAT ensures that people understand foreign cultures and traditions hence alleviating intercultural communication (Scollon, Scollon & Jones, 2012). The use of pictures, as delineated in the Race IAT is necessary for assisting people to differentiate between African-Americans and European-Americans, thereby, improving cross-cultural communication. Moreover, the Sexuality IAT rendered that I prefer straight people over homosexual ones. It is my belief that the

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