Implications of your self-monitoring tedencies

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Implications of Your Self-Monitoring Tendencies Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Self-monitoring is one of the many aspects that distinguish one individual from another. This element refers to the tendency of staying motivated or able to change one’s behavior to conform to the demands of the society. Self-monitoring tendencies have a variety of implications for people. The effects can be both positive and negative. This paper looks at some of the day-to-day consequences of my self-monitoring habits. The positive implications include transforming the interactions I have with other people, as well as enhancing my self-awareness and self-identity. On the other hand, one of the negative consequences is the probability of sacrificing myself too much. Ultimately, this paper identifies whether any need for change is necessary. It finds out some slight reform is essential to discourage anyone from taking advantage of my self-monitoring tendencies. Overall, self-monitoring is useful, but one should regulate it by balancing between high self-monitoring habits and low self-monitoring tendencies. Implications of Your Self-Monitoring Tendencies Self-monitoring tendencies refer to people’s habits toward gaining motivation or having the ability to regulate their behavior to meet societal demands (Shaver, 2015). These tendencies have various day-to-day implications for me, both good and bad. Self-monitoring determines how I interact or fit in any social setting, such as an office. For example, by continuously self-monitoring, I am capable of accurately gauging other people’s emotions and subsequently trying as much as I can to entertain or impress them. As a

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