Imperial Presidency

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Imperial Presidency The Imperial Presidency is the type of presidency practiced when the president exercises powers that are beyond those stated in the Constitution of the US government. This concept came into existence during the 1960s when historian Author M. Schlesinger Jr. who wrote on imperial presidency, where he stated what he had observed during the time of administration of Nixon Coolidge and Roosevelt. In his book, Author says how these presidents abused their powers, particularly when the armed forces were involved. In his book, Author tries to explain Imperial presidency by trying to show the connection between their control over military power and the internal control that they have in their countries (Moretta 59-411). Franklin D Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the US came to power in 1933 with the main aims of improving the country’s economy after being voted into office with a majority of the poor people who felt that they had to vote in one who could relate to their low living standards. His primary mission when he got into office was to establish his main reform platform which he named “New Deal.” The platform was to promote economic development and to significantly improve the lives of low-class citizens through various initiatives that he planned to implement and some of these implementations only seemed to prove that his top priority was to gain complete power over Americans. His reign should not just be termed as one characterized by an imperial presidency, but his achievements should be noted as he stepped into office with the aim of improving the economy of the US. His administration

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