Impacts of Using Blended Learning Approach on Second Language

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Blended learning instruction is emerging as one of the most promising instructional practices in educational settings. Nevertheless, the blended learning method effect and effectiveness on second language acquisition has not been thoroughly discussed. Accordingly, the aim of the paper herein is to utilize previous scholarly-based literature to examine the effectiveness of blended learning in second language acquisition. Some of the literature reviewed included articles by Boles (2011), Bashay (2011), Graham (2006), Garrison & Vaughn (2008), Akyol et al. (2009) among many other peer-reviewed literature. Along with the academic achievement that blended learning might bring to second language acquisition, the perceptions and attitude towards the blended learning system and how it has helped then in second language acquisition will be addressed. The paper hopes to contribute to blended learning and second language acquisition practice in the following ways: 1) gain insight into the effectiveness of blended learning methods in enhancing second language acquisition. 2) Examine whether the blended learning approach is more effective than the traditional method in second language acquisition. 3) Discuss conclusions made based on the review research findings and the rationale utilized for review as well as discuss the connotation of the review research findings stating clearly the implications for further research on this topic. Introduction. In our current global world in which technology and information have been rapidly advancing and increasing, the value of education has been on a rise accordingly. While the advancements observed in science and technology in this century

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