Impact on Society and the Company both of PerceivedUnethical Behavior by Management.

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Impact on Society and the Company both of Perceived Unethical Behavior by Management Name Institution Impact on Society and the Company both of Perceived Unethical Behavior by Management The movie under study is the Inside Job released in 2010. It is a documentary that broadly analyzes the financial crisis that took place in 2008. In summary, the movie shows how deregulation and total freedom to the financial industry resulted in the financial crisis. The financial sector made billions of dollars at the expense of the taxpayers and general public investment. In the accountability section, the movie shows that the people responsible for the crisis did not suffer any consequences, and some of them are still in positions of power. It is evident that reformation in the financial industry is necessary. Concept of Social Responsibility in Relation to Management Behavior According to the corporate governance principles supplied by OECD, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is highly linked with blameless corporate governance. Additionally, CSR results in a positive impact on consumer behavior. All actions taken for part or the entire society is considered CSR. These activities are the management’s tactic that helps enhance social issued. When corporations focus on performing by doing the right thing they give employees the drive to engage in both efficient and socially responsible behavior. Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibilities and Economic Performance In 2014, Anna Blajer-Golebiewska performed a study on Polish companies called “Corporate Reputation and Economic Performance: The Evidence from Poland.” It showed that there was a weak association between

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