Impact of concussions on football

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Name Instructor Course Date Impact of Concussion in Football Football is one of the most loved and watched sport in America. Concussions in football occur at every level of the game, starting from youth sport to the professional level. Statistics show that in 2015, the players diagnosed with concussion were 271. Investigations also show that nearly a third of all the retired football players have been diagnosed with different long-term cognitive problems (Cantu and Hyman 51). Also, about 5,000 football players have filed different cases against National Football League. Studies illustrate that a player has nearly seventy-five percent chances of sustaining a concussion in their career (Carroll, and Rosner 70). Football is a high-contact sport and leads other sports games in concussion injuries. Concussion injuries should not be taken lightly because of the various short-term and long-term effects it creates. The primary focus of writing this report is to discuss the several impacts of concussion in football. A concussion is a brain injury that alters how a person’s brain functions. It occurs after a person has received a traumatic blow to the neck, head, or body that leads to rapid movement of the brain within the skull. Studies show that once a player has sustained a concussion, he is more vulnerable to get other concussions in the future. There are several possible temporary effects of concussion namely headaches, vomiting, nausea, amnesia, balance problems, or dizziness. Mood changes whereby the injured player gets easily irritated or more anxious. Also, sometimes the athlete cries or laughs without any reason. Irregular sleeping styles such as the

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