Impact of 9/11/01

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Impact of 9/11/01 Name: Institution Affiliation: The 9/11 attacks that led to massive loss of lives (killing about 3000 people) in the United States is still disturbing. The Government has introduced new agencies to improve the security, and the citizens’ mindsets have changed. Before the September 11 incident, the security system in the airport was simple. There was a simple metal detector designed for thwarting hijackers with guns (Seaney, 2011). The following are security changes that have taken place ever since the 9/11 incident. Increased surveillance The terrorists behind 9/11 attacks had stayed in the United States for a considerable period (Stahn, 2002). According to Seaney (2011), before the incident, some of the civilians noticed suspicious fellows in the airport. This reality has triggered the desire to keep a close monitoring of visitors in the United States. The security even examines international students who arrive in the U.S. to minimize the possibility of living with militia groups in the United States. United Security in collaboration with airport authorities exploits technologies to detect, gather and analyze relevant information on individuals of suspicious actions. This policy is employed by the homeland security to identify and thwart criminal activities before they occur. Closer monitoring of points of entry As commodities and passengers enter the U.S. on a daily basis, the terrorist could come on the United States’ soil and move illegal weapon in the United States. However, after the 9/11 incident, the procedures for acquiring Visas in the United States have

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