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Immunology Name of the Patient Professor’s Name Results For detecting the concentration of PSA in the serum samples of three patients, a standard curve was prepared first. The standard curve represented the optical density of known concentrations of PSA. Hence, different known concentrations of PSA were used for constructing the standard curve. Before the known or unknown concentrations of PSA were used to construct the standard curve, the optical density of a blank solution was initially noted. The optical density of the “Blank” was deducted from the optical density achieved with different standard solutions and the unknown solutions (serum samples of patients). The optical density of each standard solution was measured thrice for estimating the average absorbance (optical density) (Appendix-1). The average optical density of different standard solutions is represented in table1. Standard Concentrations of PSA Optical Density 0 0.167 200 0.207 400 0.239 600 0.281 800 0.296 1000 0.332 1200 0.313 1400 0.342 1600 0.293 1800 0.345 2000 0.400 Table 1: Average optical density of different standard solutions of PSA These values were used for constructing the standard curve (Fig 1). The line of best fit was constructed for extrapolating the unknown concentrations of the serum samples (PSA) as a function of optical density. Fig 1: Standard Curve for PSA with line of best fit Fig1 Represented the standard curve of PSA with the line of best fit. The optical densities were plotted against the Y-axis, and the PSA concentrations were plotted against the X-axis. For each corresponding PSA concentration, there was a corresponding Optical

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