Immunology Case Study

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Immunology Case Study Name Institution Immunology Case Study Introduction Transplantation refers to the act and process of transferring allografts (in the form of organs, tissue and cells) from one site of the body to another site of a different body of the same species but different genotype. Typically, allografts are used to correct body malfunctions whereby a nonperforming pancreas, lung, heart, liver or kidney is replaced by a healthy organ from another body (Kumar, 2015). Despite transplant intentions to correct body malfunctions, it is common for the immune system to act as a barrier that characterizes rejection of transplants through an effective and elaborate mechanism that combats foreign factors (Coico & Sunshine, 2009). Therefore, the body makes use of the immune system to reject transplant results since they are recognized as foreign agents despite being use to address body malfunctions. Explanation Understanding the mechanism of allograft rejection is important to biological and medical sciences since it facilitates the use of transplant as an appropriate treatment. In addition, knowledge of this mechanism is crucial in developing suitable stratagems for lessening rejection and in developing new therapies that blunt immune response to allograft transplants, in so doing ensure their longer viability and survival (Kirk et al., 2014; Kumar, 2015). This is based on the awareness that an allograft is a tissue or organ from a donor who is not an identical twin but has healthy cells that would guarantee normal functioning of the body. This follows the understanding that the human body is resilient and capable of repairing malfunctions, but there are

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