immune system of the elder adult athlete

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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Immune System of Master Athletes BIBLIOGRAPHY l 2057 Malaguarnera, Lucia, et al. “Acquired immunity: immunosenescence and physical activity.” European Review of Aging and Physical Activity 5.2 (2008): 61-68. Print. Ageing presents an endless challenge to public health. Essentially, the aging process is associated with feebleness and a decrease in functioning of biological systems. The immune system, as part of the numerous physiological systems in the human body, also undergoes diminished functioning. The term immunosenescence describes this gradual deterioration of the immune system as a result of age. Nevertheless, the question of whether this reduced functionality correlates with the increase in morbidity and mortality remains vague. In their meta-analytical study, Malaguarnera, Cristaldi, and Lipari aim at understanding the phenomenon of acquired immunity. In particular, the authors focus more on the correlation between immunosenescence and physical activity, with regards to elderly individuals (athletes and non-athletes). In this article review, a concise summary and dissection of the information from the works of Malaguarnera, Cristaldi and Lipari will be conducted. Additionally, the essay will incorporate an appraisal of the arguments in the reviewed article. Increasing evidence indicates that older adults are more prone to illnesses, suggesting that with age, their immune system undergoes changes. Their increased susceptibility suggests that performance of their immune organs such as the thymus is compromised. In laying the foundation for their argument, Malaguarnera, Cristaldi and Lipari start by discussing

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