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IMMIGRATION. In the United States, there are over 11 million undocumented immigrants. These immigrants have come all over the world and negatively impacted the USA. Many presidential candidates have used this immigration debate campaign tool to influence the voting pattern and regional politics. Under the current USA, law foreigner can become a citizen if they get a job in the US, adopted by an American citizen, refugees seeking political asylum and if an investor has made a substantial investment in American soil. However, the 11 million illegal immigrants have not satisfied these conditions and thus there is need to dwell on this topic at length (Bodvarsson, & Berg, 2013). First, these illegal immigrants pose a security threat to the country. In any given country the security of the citizen remains very crucial for social, economic and political development. United States government ought to satisfy the interest of its citizen before meeting international obligations. Today there are very many terrorist groups and they can take advantage of the immigration situation to attack American citizens. Consequently, such if attacks happen it becomes totally hard for the government to conduct proper investigations since there are many undocumented residents. Secondly, the immigrants are competing for jobs with Native American hence rendering them jobless. It is becoming completely impossible for the native to get well-paying jobs since the immigrants are always ready to do the same job with very low wages. Additionally, income generated by these immigrants to the economy is very little since majority doesn’t pay income taxes since their income is below outlines tax

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