Immigration with Trump.

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Passing of the legislation that supports the construction of the wall and ending the legal status of the immigrants isn't a good deal. Therefore the agreement of Democrats accepting to fund the construction of the wall is considered to be risky and irresponsible. But Donald Trump is the president of the United States can make unlikely things to happen. Democrats, therefore, need to expect the worst things to happen even while hoping for the best outcome. In case trump’s deal becomes effective that is, construction of the wall and to end the legal status of the immigrants it will affect the economy of the United States. According to the research conducted it shows that the demand for goods and services provided by the United States is high in those areas occupied by immigrants. Construction of the wall is likely to cut off the business conducted by the two countries, and this is likely to affect the growth of the economy in the business sector (Wilkinson A19 ). Accepting the deal is acceptable to put the life of innocent friends and neighbors brought to America in danger. Instead of accepting the deal democrats need to fight and ensure that they fix DACA before it expires as this is likely to make the administration more aggressive about deportation, the Senate will also remain Republican leading to a higher probability of Republican winning the white house come 2020. In case the Republican wins the White House in 2020 hundreds of thousands of people will be strapped into the shadows and many thousands will be held together and ejected from the country. Finally, Democrats should pay some money to avoid being on the wrong

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