Immigrants’ Rights

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Immigrants’ Rights Briefly, what is this case about? Many people around the world, especially from the developing countries, seek many opportunities in different places due to poverty. It is true that the Constitution does not give the foreigners a right to enter the U.S., but once the foreigners get into the United States, they acquire rights against different kinds of discrimination. Immigration particularly in the United States faces many problems related to illegal immigrants and the continuous population growth in the country. A good example of this issue is the constant migration of citizens of Mexico to seek for a better life in the United States. In the business world, some companies tend to hire illegal immigrants because they offer low-cost labor. Having said that, the need to control immigration to achieve maximum utility brought about different ethical problems. What concept(s) from the Gibson textbook will your paper address? All human beings have different rights that they are entitled to and which cannot be taken away from them. Also, all immigrants and undocumented immigrants have legal rights under the U.S. Constitution and federal statutes that give them the same rights of protection of the law. While civil rights are citizens’ rights to receive equal treatment, like the right to vote and social freedom. Case Analysis. The case of Arizona v United States looked at the different laws that immigrants are entitled to. This Supreme Court decision sought to determine whether the law can usurp federal authority when it comes to regulation of immigration. The state of Arizona had passed a law that made it a misdemeanor for any an illegal immigrant to be in

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