Immigrants in The United States

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Immigrants in the United States comprise a significant part of the population estimated at around 13% of the American population. The number of immigrants has been exponentially increasing by the year as more people believe in better life and job opportunities in the US. The trends involving immigration have been taking a particular path over time; that is the number of women migrating to the US had been increasing compared to that of men. This change was brought about by the immigration policies that favored the immigration of family units rather than individuals. Among people who obtain green cards annually, women are the majority explaining their drastic population increase (Garcia and Franchim). This increase in the number of women as proved a challenge regarding the struggle for jobs. Immigrant women are relatively more vulnerable to adversities after immigration to America as compared to men who effortlessly integrate to the new environment. Language barrier is the most common challenge faced by immigrant women, for example, the Latinos. This trait is the most outstanding because communication is the core aspect of any society and with poor communication, many things can go wrong. Most women migrate from their home countries to seek for better lives and jobs, but they lack the qualifications for good and well-paying jobs. This is because they arrive when their literacy levels are low making it difficult for them to understand their native languages let alone English (Hondagneu, Pierrette & Ernestine, 550). Men are relatively literate compared to the women and thus working for them becomes easier. Men are also advantageous when it comes to job division, for

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