Immigrants and Crime

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Immigrants and Crime Fact Sheet Name Institutional Affiliation Immigrants and Crime Fact Sheet Myth: Government response to reduce immigrants will reduce crime Statistics indicate that more immigrants are living in the U.S than ever before. The percentage of immigrants compare to that of the locals remains negligible. As of 2012, up to 11.3 undocumented tourists lived and worked in the US (Spenkuch, 2013). Despite the rise in the number of undocumented tourists, the U.S, statistics indicate that criminal behavior is more prominent amongst the natives rather than immigrants (Bianchi, Buonanno & Pinotti, 2012; Sampson, 2008; Freilich & Addad, 2017). Thus, despite the government’s urge to reduce the number of immigrant flow in the country, security challenges should not be one of the excuses for the move. Fact: Incarceration rates amongst natives is much higher than that of foreign-born populations The graph indicates that contrary to what the society believes, the incarceration rates amongst native burns are much higher than that of immigrants. Identifying the number of the population that ends up in prison is a feasible mechanism to conclude the group that mostly engages in crime (Leerkes, Engbersen & Van der Leun, 2012). Accordingly, the graph indicates that 1.9% of immigrant men, as opposed to 3.2% of native men, were incarcerated in 2010. The above graph shows the incarceration rates amongst immigrants and natives in every decade from 1980. Incarceration rate is a feasible mechanism to evaluate crime in a society Graph retrieved from of unemployment and crime

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