Immigrant Influence in NYC Politics

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Article Summary: Migrant Impact in NYC Politics Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Migrant Impact in NYC Politics Mollenkopf (2013) in his article focuses on the political interplay both past and present between the minorities (immigrants) and the native-born whites within the New York City (NYC). In his introductory part, the author observes that the immigrants in the NYC are becoming the city’s majority voting-age citizens (at 48%) and the city’s majority population at 58%. Therefore, according to the author, NYC is a litmus test for the way immigrants are mobilized as well as represented in politics and how they interact with the white minorities in politics. Mollenkopf (2013) explains that NYC portrays a unique display of potentially competing or cooperating native whites and ethnic immigrant clusters. Therefore, NYC should be regarded not as an outsider in harboring a unique set of migrants. It has a mixed set of migrants that are very representative of the foreign-born populace. Mollenkopf (2013) states that the city’s past struggle on the way migrants should be incorporated into the city’s political system created mechanisms as well as dynamics that continue to impact the city’s politics in the present times. In response to the waves of immigration, the city created political establishments and cultures that aimed to offer chances to the immigrants, mobilize them and represent their interests. The author explains that the city has experienced an increase in migrants participations in the political parties even though their succession in these parties has been varied, for instance, a few of the immigrants were being engrossed into the

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