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Name Instructor Course Date I Am One Communication is the key to passing the message from one person to the other. We all need to air our views and have our concerns addressed. Hence, it is important for a person to be able to use the three modes of persuasion effectively to convince the target. One may manage to persuade the audience through his or her credibility or by stirring the emotions of the audience or by stating some truths and facts in their speech. In the article I’m One, Archie Anderson is concerned about how the government is determined to ban smoking in the workplace. He uses ethos to persuade the audience to see his point. He says that he is living in a free country where an adult has the right to choose what to do which also includes smoking. However, he realizes that it is unethical to blow smoke on ones face. He does support the seclusion of special smoking places at the workplace and restaurants (Anderson 328). A tax increase of 800% on cigarettes obviously is too high which is not fair for the smokers. One can almost feel the negative effect the government will have if it is allowed to take control of everything that the public does. If the government bans liquor, fast foods, and buttermilk, it is likely to create anger and unease to the citizens since these are commodities which they often use daily. This is an effective use of pathos as the audience will not only view the ban in a smoker’s perspective but would also see the other possible effects. Imposing a ban in all places where there are ten or more people visiting the place in one week is equitable to a complete ban. Most workplaces have more than ten people. Visitors at home

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