Illness of Osteoporosis

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Illnesses of Osteoporosis Student’s Name Institution Illnesses of Osteoporosis Abstract The study intended to establish the illnesses of osteoporosis. It was established that osteoporosis is a major health issue because of its prevalence. Osteoporosis illness is a skeletal condition that is characterized by compromised bone strength that predisposes a person to high chances of fractures of the spine, hip, and wrist among other skeletal sites. The majority of the risk factors is related to osteoporotic fractures such as inadequate physical exercise, smoking, use of drugs such as glucocorticoids, hormonal factors, reduction in the peak of the bone mass, low intake of Vitamin D and calcium. The illness does not express any symptoms during its early stages although it affects the bones in wrist, spine, and hip. The consequence is stooped posture, back pains, and height loss. DXA test is the most common although other tests include Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) and ultrasound. Treatment and prevention include a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and medications. The current research focuses on osteoporosis prevalence and most appropriate treatment. Introduction According to Carmona (2004), osteoporosis is the most common bone illness. Ideally, osteoporosis refers to a skeletal illness that is characterized by compromised bone strength that predisposes a person to a high risk of fracture. Osteoporosis is also characterized by weakening of the bone structure and a reduced bone mass that leads to bone fragility. The illnesses of osteoporosis are most prevalent among the adult populations. Primary osteoporosis is the

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