Illegal drug markets

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Illegal Drug Markets Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Illegal Drug Markets Drug trafficking will always remain a highly prioritized problem in the US with heroin, cocaine, cannabis and other synthetic drugs being the most common drugs in the illegal market. The war on drugs is costly, and attempts have been made to understand the operation of the illegal drug market. Various research methods have been deployed in studying the production and distribution of illegal drugs. This paper explores how the qualitative research methodology can be used to gain an understanding the causal reasons, viewpoints and motivations of the drug trafficking cartel. Bachman, Ronet, and Russel (2015) proposed three distinctive research designs deployed in participant observation as a method of qualitative research. They include complete observation, participant and observation and covert participation. Complete observation encompasses going to the field and keeping watch of what is going on in the illegal drug market without disrupting the drug cartels. The presence of the researcher alters the natural setting of the situation under study. The participants who in this case are the drug dealers will, therefore, be prompted to change their behavior and tactics which would not have happened if the situation was natural. This subjects this research design to bias where incorrect information may be collected when the drug dealers notice the presence of a stranger, researcher. According to Bachman, Ronet and Russel (2015), such a situation is referred to as the reactive effect and is common when the population under study is small and scattered. However, this method is effective in

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