If meat can be grown using stem cells, is there any reason not to eat meat?

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Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: Meat Grown Using Stem Cells Scientists have been working around the clock to produce lab-grown meat. There are claims that this meat is healthier and more ecologically friendly than conventional meat. Back in 2013, the first burger to be grown in the labs was revealed. Despite the fact that it was not that tasty, it was said to cost around $300,000. Scientists have been doing their best to produce artificial meat that is not only cost-effective but also delicious. Meat has, for a very long time, remained a central part of the human diet across the globe. If meat can be grown using stem cells, there is no reason not to eat meat. Notably, this could be a solution to some of the reason why vegetarian and vegans do not eat meat. One main reason is that they do believe that hurting animals is wrong. What if this kind of meat, to which they are not allergic, could be produced? If so, then the lab-grown meat is the perfect solution. As a matter of facts, the only reason we call it meat is because it is identical to the flesh we know, otherwise, the way we acquire it is entirely different. There is a particular nutrient that vegetarians will always lack in their diet, but with meat grown from cells, they can be acquired. The reality is that most vegans and vegetarians will still have other reasons why this meat is not good for them. In many cases, our affinity for meat arises from circumstances such as the need to hunt so as to survive. What if we didn’t have to kill animals? The problem is that we cannot change the vegans and vegetarians notion towards meat. Most of them avoid eating meat too because they believe

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