If man is inherently good or evil

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date If Man is Inherently Good or Evil Throughout history, one fundamental question that has repeatedly been asked by a majority of people is if human beings are naturally good or evil. Philosophers have for years debated the topic with some saying that human beings are good, but their good morals are only corrupted by the society. Others debated that human beings are naturally evil all that the society does is affirm their evil nature (Ellens 231). This paper is going to analyze critically the inherent nature of man if it is evil or good. Two philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes have contradicting view on the issue. Hobbes believed that human beings are inherently evil. He said that people are selfish and always act in their best interest. He believed that the major purpose of the government is to control the evil nature of people through setting standards and laws. He said the main purpose of setting these laws and standards is to put the evil nature of human beings in check. These laws set by the governments are necessary for protecting people from themselves. Hobbies argued and asked one important question. He asked that if human beings argue that they are good, why then do people lock their doors at night when they retire to bed? This act only unconsciously recognizes that people are naturally evil. The base mentality of human beings is evil. Throughout history, people fought wars with one another that were not necessary. They tortured people who were held captives and were made to be prisoners (Hendrick, 141). They raped such people and even went an extra mile of murdering them. All these evils are also

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