If a national right to carry was introduced would crime increase or decrease

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Would Crime Increase or Decrease if a National Law to Carry was introduced Name: Institution: Abstract The right-to-carry (RTC) law was one of the most notable policy differences between the eventual winner, President Trump, and his very worthy opponent Hillary Clinton. Clinton opposed the law arguing that it might lead to increased crime rates while Trump openly supported the law. This paper briefly analyses the possible impacts of the legislation on the rates of crime in the US. Both of the studies that are analyzed in this paper suggest that the law does increase the rates of crime in the states that implement it. One of these studies indicates that the law has the most significant impact on the aggravated assault cases. However, it also contributes to an upsurge, though not very significant, of crimes like murder, rape, and robbery. When approached using a different research design, the studies tended to produce different results. This difference in results due to different approaches is what inspires this research. Would Crime Increase or Decrease if a National Law to Carry was introduced The national right to carry law (RTC law) in the United States is one that permits the government to give citizens permits to own and walk around with concealed carry handguns as long as they meet the required threshold. This threshold is that one must have no mental illness history, have no substantial criminal record, and be an adult. There are some states that have applied this law while some still resist its application. In the recently concluded presidential elections, President Trump was for the law while Hillary Clinton was against it. Below is a brief analysis of

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