Identity in the USA-Internet Identity

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Internet Identity in the USA Many Americans may not realize it, but the internet is taking over the people’s lives in the United States and becoming a crucial part of their everyday functioning. Social media platforms are the most accessed sites on the internet. Many people spend their time to liking their friends Facebook posts and pictures as well as Following others on Twitter. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Snap Chat and Instagram have become the primary forms of communication as well as important platforms of inclusion and involvement in the daily happenings in the US. According to recent statistics, there are around sixty-six million monthly Twitter users in the United States and over one hundred and ninety million Facebook users in the US. The constant connection that comes from these social media platforms has changed the way Americans form their identity. These sites have continually placed users under the microscope. It is possible to judge each social media user’s move through the many updates on their Facebook and Twitter timelines. It, therefore, means that most of the social media users no longer act as their minds tell them but according to what other users think. Following the development of the Internet and technology, there is a significant increase in multiple relationships among the users. The relations are only possible with cyberspace. The development of PC interceded correspondences has gone with and upheld the advancement of more reflexive, individualistic culture. To users of the internet, new types of group in light of shared cyber places get to be distinctly conceivable. To

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