Identifying gender when gender cues are eliminated

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Identifying Gender When Gender Cues Are Eliminated Name Institutional Affiliation Date Campbell, R., Benson, P. J., Wallace, S. B., Doesbergh, S., & Coleman, M. (1999). More about brows: How poses that change brow position affects perceptions of gender. Perception, 28(4), 489-504. This article discusses how the perception of gender can be greatly affected by poses and the position of the eyebrows. The authors of this source carried out different experiments that involved both identifying genders of various unfamiliar people from pictures that were taken in various poses of the head and the brows. From the data of the experiments, Campbell and her colleagues argue and conclude that features like head position and the distance of the eyebrows influence the perception of classifying gender. The source is useful since the arguments about the perception of gender classification is based on facts and statistics from various experiments that the authors of this article carried out. In their experiments, the authors had masked the gender cues such as hairstyle and clothes to conceal the gender of the persons in the images used. This shows that the source is focused on other features that influence the gender categorization other than the gender cues. Thus, the article is relevant and useful. Carey, S., & Diamond, R. (1977). From piecemeal to configurational representation of faces. Science, 195(4275), 312-314. The article presents ways in which people of different ages represent images in their brains depending on the development of their right cerebral hemispheres. The source also presents how simple distortions of images can affect their recognition

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