Identify and discuss a corporate culture you would enjoy working in/with. Be sure to identify the type of corporate culture as well as to state the features you find appealing .

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Networking Corporate Culture Corporate culture impacts every aspect of the organization, from employees’ satisfaction to customers’ perception of the brand. For there is so much at stake, organizations should develop adaptable corporate cultures that enable employees’ development and are open to improvement. After articulating available cultures, I have realized that networking is one in which I enjoy working. The success of employees and organizations depend on people’s capacity to make connections and build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. The idea of an inspired life appeals to everyone and competent professionals with whom I interact are my main source of inspiration. Ordinarily, networking is about making acquaintances and building lasting, equally positive relationships. As such, it is about meeting the right people, including them in our circles, and findings ways to improve one another’s competencies. At the end of the day, it is about who knows you, and not who you know. There are many aspects of a corporate network that make it an appealing culture. First, networks are simply about sharing by forming a trust to help one another towards goals and objectives. In essence, employees in a corporate network engage with their contacts regularly to find opportunities. Moreover, networks raise one’s profile and are sources of fresh ideas. Here, networking is mainly about getting noticed and being visible, and one can build a reputation as well-informed, trustworthy, and loyal, by providing useful information. Another important feature of networks is that they are reliable sources of new

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