Identify a global health concern/issue problem found in 3 countries

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Air Pollution Student’s Name Institution Abstract The paper introduces the concept of air pollution as a global health hazard. It outlines the annual mortality statistics in China, U.S, and India. From the statistics, it illustrates the significant danger of encouraging air pollution in the atmosphere. The paper outlines the different causes of air pollution in the three countries and its effects such as depleting the ozone and causing the global warming effect. It discusses the health risk factors of air pollution such as cancer, kidney and liver damage, and chronic bronchitis. The paper analyzes the efforts employed by different health and environmental organizations in dealing with air pollution. For instance, it identifies the specific efforts of the WHO, WB, and EA in controlling air pollution, additionally, it provides the government intervention approach in dealing with the issue. The paper outlines the strategies of these organizations such as encouraging green development and use of renewable energy. It discusses the government efforts that include developing policies to regulate industrial operation with respect to green practices. Finally, it provides a comprehensive conclusion containing a summary of the information discussed in the paper. Air pollution is a global health hazard that is caused by human activities such as industrialization. It occurs when toxic fumes from motor vehicles and industries rise upwards to mix with natural air and rain water. Air pollution causes lung cancer, congestive heart failure, and Asthma attacks, in this regard; it is a dangerous hazard that people should be alerted to support the

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