Identification and Access Control of Computer & Information Systems

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Computer and Information Systems Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation The importance of information technology Information technology firstly helps businesses to operate and function more efficiently through better and faster information systems. Moreover, It has allowed businesses and organization to be more updated on the constantly changing global markets so as to make sound business decisions. In the field of education, information technology has assisted students in learning through new ways like online education (Quinonez, 2016). Also, it’s through information technology that online transfer of money and the buying and selling of goods and services is conveniently done. It has improved globalization and made communication easier and faster. General requirements of HIPAA security HIPAA security general requirements include the covered organization to comply with the following ("HIPAA Security Standards", 2016): The entities must ensure that all its ePHI are available, integral and more importantly its confidentiality, maintained. It's ePHI must be protected against any anticipated threats The entities working team must adhere and comply with all the set HIPAA Security Rule. It also has flexible approaches that allow the covered organization to implement any security measures that can adequately lead to it implementing and the set standards and specifications. Also, an entity must comply with all the set standards and lastly, the entity must ensure it has implemented all the set standards as required. HIPAA regulation approach Its regulation method involves making sure that all entities that are being covered have all complied with the

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