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The idea that the IAT (Implicit Association Test) evaluates one’s perception on the issue of racism is quite fascinating but taunting at times. Although it may result in a negative result depending on the number of errors and unstable decisions that one makes during the test, it is the best method for one to assess their take on the issues and work towards making a better decision. The test is supposed to measure the automatic and unconscious associations with either racist words or positivity when paired with white or black people, straights and gays, violence and non-violence with weapons. The test not only encouraged me to think about the explicit associations with whites, blacks, and violence but also the connotations entangled in categorizing people. My IAT results indicated that I do not have an automatic preference for the white people and the people of color. This shows that I am not biased in either way. The level of preference indicated was moderate suggesting that I embrace both the races equally. This is a good thing for me especially in the school and community as I can live cohesively with each member of the society. I believe that my test was very accurate as I did not confuse any questions. Further, I was moderately quick in my responses, and I did not have contradicting preferences for the choices I made. I felt composed after the results. I have friends who are at times biased, and this does not make me at ease. Whenever I find my peer segregating another who happens to be a friend but of different color makes me uneasy, and I would not like to be in similar situations. Being neutral has always been my choice as it helps me make friends with almost

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