i will attach the prompt in the document below, it is the 2nd essay prompt

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The universe is diverse hence creating individuals that are differentiated by race, culture or personalities. I have a tendency to perceive my culture as complex but at the same diverse since I have parents from different regions of the world. I have a belief that my culture is different since my dad is from German whereas my mom is from China. It may sound awkward, but I am conversant with the European and Asian cultures by my diversified parents. I have learned to embrace cultural diversity and give no preferential treatment to any culture since that would create prejudice. My parents have taught me to value all cultures because cultures are diverse but they are equal by all means. As if the German and Chinese cultures are not enough I have also embraced the American culture because I have been living in the United States since the age of fourteen. Therefore I am a person that will promote cultural diversity in your institution by the fact that my parents have differentiated origins and that I have lived in three different nations. I am talented in golf, and my dream is to become a professional golfer. I have embraced sports from a tender age and therefore know the value of working together in teams. From experience, I have also learned to appreciate the talents of other people and empower others using sports such as golf. In conclusion, I am a vibrant individual with the desire to learn other cultures hence getting a position in this prestigious will place me in a position to embrace all the varied cultures in the institution the same way I have grown to embrace my German and Chinese

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