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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby’s relationship is the most fascinating. The two friends are in a relationship that can be described as complex and intimate. A reader of the novel is left wondering whether Gatsby is interested in being in a friendship with Nick or he only uses this opportunity to reach out to Daisy. Gatsby is interested in having a romantic relationship with Daisy, and at the beginning, he seems to be only interested in Nick because he is the only person he can relate well with Daisy hence he can exploit this opportunity to achieve his goal. Nick and Gatsby though friends are separated by wealth. They both live in different worlds where Nick lives in a small house whereas Gatsby resides in a huge mansion that is well decorated with expansive lawn extending to the beach. Gatsby values financial success and wonders how a person of Nick’s standing wants to be his friend. He cannot openly display this feeling to Nick because he plays an important role in uniting him with Daisy. Gatsby’s relationships are entirely characterized by money and opulence. Gatsby likes to be associated with people of high society, but he can be considered an outsider because of where he lives (Johnson, Claudia Durst, 59). Whereas the wealthy lives in West Egg, Gatsby lives in East Egg. Nick likes Gatsby’s expression of hope and courage, and this affects how Nick relates to him.Nick can’t openly tell Gatsby that Daisy is unable to come back to his life because he does not want to break his hope. The negative attribute that Nick discovers about Gatsby is his dishonesty and passion for criminal

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