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Name Institution Course Title Date of Submission Introduction With a plan to introduce iPhone 8 in the market it is important not to put the product into the shops and create a hope that it will sell best. Therefore, there is a need for a strategic marketing as well as advertisement. Marketing should be not only during the product launch but also throughout its development cycle (Erdogmus and Cicekb, 2012). Marketing of iPhone 8 product in all the major cycle of product development is imperative as it enables the product to maintain its relevancy to the market. In the four stages of a product lifecycle; introduction, growth, maturity and decline there is a need for effective marketing of its product through people, product, promotion, and price. It is good to note that only a few companies make it through all the cycles (Peterson, 2011). Introduction phase Introducing iPhone 8 in the market will require innovation. The first adopters of the product need awareness on how the product works and how it is different with the previous iPhone 7 which they might have been using. On the other hand, to introduce this product successfully, it requires both commercial and print campaign for the word to reach masses. The commercial advertisement will require the use of social media such as face book and what’s app to reach the young generation who will be the potential target customers in this product. The iPhone 8 in its introduction phase will also require promotions through road shows. Knowing the price of the product well before hand will be a reasonable price to enable the product to penetrate the market.

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