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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: British Government against American Resistance What case would you make in support of the British government against American resistance to the laws? After World War II, nations settled down to concentrate on wealth creation and improvement of the lives of citizens. However, some most developed countries wanted to develop even more and have some control of the world in what came to bring competition for resources in less developed countries with the goal possessing the most power. This essay seeks to look at the America rebellion to laws and fight for authority to have a significant control of the world. When the Indian and French war came to an end, the colonialist came up with laws and regulations to guide them and avoid conflicts among themselves. But America was infamous for following the rules, so the British regime was not happy. It is justifiable for the British government to behave so for the betterment of foreign relations across the world. America has indirectly shown some interest in controlling the world. The failure to follow internationally recognized regulations and laws might make other nations treat the United States as a rebellious nation. The use of coercive force is probably the best medicine America does. Using the military force, I would force the US to honor the independence of other nations, allowing them to exercise their democratic voting rights and exploit their natural resources without any interference. There is still no full independence of colonies because of mainly the foreign aid that these territories receive. Strict terms and conditions follow the Donations and financial assistance that the

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