I Have Been to A Mountaintop

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date I’ve been to the Mountaintop Martin Luther King Jr gave an exceptional speech “I’ve been to the Mountaintop.” The speech concentrated on ethnic equality for all men and women both black and white. Luther’s primary motive was to introduce a bond between blacks and whites all over America and the world and to ensure that everyone enjoys equal rights. In the speech, he employed the use of rhetorical devices such as logos ethos and pathos to influence his audience to treat all people equally despite the race of a person. Despite Luther having good motives, not everyone received them well which resulted in his assassination only a few hours after delivering the speech. The rhetoric context of the speech suggests that Luther had been watching the occurrences that were taking place and had made a conclusion that there had to be equality for people to lead a harmonious life. Ethos as an oratorical device plea to the audience’s integrity of the presenter and his or her opinions. Martin Luther was well known for his nonviolence and civil disobedience against the authorities to ensure a better life for the ordinary beings. He was also a renown Clergyman and civil rights activist where he executed the duties excellently. He was an excellent orator. From Luther’s speech, the statement “Somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly, Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech,” (King 4) was talking about clauses which were contained in the constitution. The constitution is a crucial document not only to the United States but to every country in the world that follows it. The statement pleaded to a large

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