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What can be easier than writing an essay about having a dream? It may seem so only at the beginning, but once you start, you have no idea how to structure it properly. This I have a dream essay will let you know clearly how to write a paper on that topic.

You will see how to start an introduction to grab the attention of your reader and keep the intrigue throughout the whole paper, flawlessly and logically transfer it to your body paragraphs, and summarize with a proper conclusion. Download this absolutely free sample and tell your professor about your dream not only for the best grade ever but for gaining a good reputation in college and among other students.



dreams that are based on illusions and the suffering of fellow countrymen (Freedman, 10). Nikolai is satisfied with his new life although it came at a cost as he ignores the misery of the peasants. Ivan views gooseberries as the reason people fail to recognize and contribute towards bettering the world. Gooseberries also symbolize the society`s view on a meaning and real life as Nikolai views them as a dream of a pastoral life that he has always wanted. The author uses the rain to symbolize awareness. At the beginning of the narrative, Ivan and Bourkin are taking a walk when it starts raining. They seek shelter, but Ivan decides to go and swim in the rain. The rain acts as a reminder to Ivan about...

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